Let’s Have This Chance

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Here’s Let’s Have This Chance.


She trudged quickly after him, laughing when they got to the other end.
“You made me break the fourth rule in two weeks, Kayode”, she quipped, while trying to catch her breath.
“No darl, you made me break the rule.”
She widened her eyes. He raised his hand in surrender.
“Okay, we broke the rule together now, but you’ve showed me how to break rules in three new ways in the two weeks.”
She raised her chin.
“Well, now, am I not a proud teacher?”
He put his right arm around her
“And I, a proud student.”
Kayode felt her stiffen slightly, and he knew what was coming.
“What are we doing, Kay?”
“Breaking the rules”, he said unhumorously.

His reply was awkward, he knew, but maybe everything was, except them. They were perfect.
He guided her to an immobile seat nearby. It was strangely deserted. 11pm was a good time for lovers to play around. Maybe they left earlier. But they were not lovers, what were they doing there? Indeed, what were they doing?
His mouth felt dry. He tried again.
“Lena, I’m just making sure, okay? I don’t want anything to go wrong, alright?
He did not know where the words came from. His voice sounded strange to himself, and he needed to be convinced, too.
“I’m not taking my time and…”
“Our time.” She quipped.
She wanted to ask him what could go wrong, what he was making sure of, and how much time he would take. She wanted to ask him what has been on his mind and several other questions, but she kept quiet, laid his hands on hers and stared far way.
They had been friends from their first day in the University of Calabar, and had remained so, save for some inevitable moments of recluse. They always found a way back together even in those times. They gave each other just enough time to make acquaintances and once when he‘d caught a fifty-something year old man staring at her breasts, he’d told him to mind his business. He was not jovial to everyone and he only had a few people that he talked with, but he was faithful to her, listened attentively to her and fiercely protected her.
Once at an annual award during their 300-level days, they had been given an award for being the best couple of the year. That night, Lena had cried her eyes sore. The next day, she’d told everyone that she could tell that Kay and Lena were not a couple, much to Kay’s consternation. She’d granted interviews to press men, thanked everyone for the honour and stated that she and Kay were not a couple. They’d made headlines and she’d told him that it was important not to misinform the public.
“But they didn’t ask!” He was enraged.
“But they didn’t ask before they gave us the award, too.” She’d replied. “We made them have the wrong impressions, and it is important to correct it.”
He had been miffed and she was unrepentant about her act. But they swept past even those times, and had come through stronger and closer.
Now that school was over, she’d asked, again, what they were doing. And he was as confused as ever.
“What’s your plan?”  She asked one breezy evening.
She was at his house and about to break a news. And his heart, if he had any for her. The question sounded suspicious.
“What’s yours?” He countered.
She fiddled with her fingers. “I’ve got some offer from the University of…”
He did not hear the rest. He did not know which was more painful, that she was leaving him to some strange country or that he thought he knew her while he didn’t.
“You didn’t know about it because… I didn’t tell you.”
Quite unnecessary.
“I didn’t tell you because I didn’t know that it would work out.”
That was a lie, but he said nothing.
She started explaining how her parents planned all and how she’d been made to concede to their plans and how she’d been made to promise to keep it a secret from everyone, including him and even her brothers.
Only a part of it was true. Her parents had not made her to make any promise. But it was true that they’d planned it. And they did not hide their intentions from her- it was to get her away from the dull guy that followed their daughter everywhere. Kay was not dull, at least, not academically. He spanned high in all of his courses all the time. But he was just indecisive when it came to important matters. Such as this. And she could not stick around with such person for long, which was why she agreed to her parents’ intervention.
He said nothing. Then, suddenly as if he remembered something, he drew her closer and covered her mouth with his. They made love right on his couch.
But that didn’t change her mind, and he still had not made up his mind. She thought that giving him some alone time for a year would help him. She did not intend to lose him, but that was what happened- she lost him. Or rather, he lost her. Because she met Carl. Carl was the perfect gentleman- he took her out, opened her doors, let her walk before him, cleaned her tears with his handkie and so on. He reminded her of Kay, except that he was more fierce, it was easy to arouse his anger and he wasted no time in making decisions. For instance, they had sex only 2 weeks after their first meeting and they got engaged 2 months later. She bore another man’s baby, but she was quiet about it.
Communication with Kay was constant, but it grew more distant after each day. She did not tell him about Carl. She told herself that she did not owe him any duty to tell him. On the day that she got engaged, she told him that she was pregnant and on the day that she got married, she told him that she was married. He’d been quiet for a long time and she thought the line was dead, or that he’d passed out but his voice came through after a while.
“Congrats,” he’d said in a raspy voice.
“I’m sorry,” She said with much effort.
“I’m sorry too.” He looked uneasy and thin, and he could not look into her eyes. But neither could she.
She didn’t know if he was sorry over her father’s death or over what had become of them.
She was sorry for keeping him in the dark, and for giving both their baby and her oath to another man.
But she was happy that he had not made a mess of his whole life. He was head of operations in Rowland’s Consulting, her dream company had she remained in the country; he went out every Friday with friends-well he had more friends now; he dressed fashionably and he went to church regularly.
“Lena, I’m really sorry…” He looked into her eyes now, and she knew this had nothing to do with her dead father.
“I screwed up…”
She felt his breath against her skin as he drew her closer, clamping his lips on hers. She breathed and gave in to desire.
Just before travelling, she had caught her husband doing exactly this. He had apologized and he promised it would never happen again. She was his ex and she remained so. Besides, she was getting married soon.
She was doing exactly the same thing, the only difference was that she could not be caught, Kay was technically not her ex and he was not getting married soon.
His lips left hers but his hands remained on her neck as he breathed out the question for all centuries.
“Marry me, Lena.”
She thought that her ears played a trick on her as her eyes popped open. She was shocked.
“I… I’m married.” Her voice was barely above a whisper and she stammered.
Kay suddenly broke out laughing.
“When did you start stammering?”
She felt easier when he laughed and she rested his head on his chest and closed her eyes to savour the moment. He spoke against her head, saying that he was serious and stroking her hair. She thought that there was no reason to lose the moment by thinking about anything. Reality would dawn on them soon. But maybe this was reality. Either way, she closed her eyes and gave in to sleep.